• Los programas de postgradeo de la facultad de Filosofía, Humanidades y Educación de la Universidad de Chile
Joaquín Barceló


The author points out that the transit from undergraduate to graduate studies implies a difference in quality : the former de al with the encyclopaedia of knowledge, the later, with the deepening of knowledge, making the student advance within the processes of investigation. The leve! of Master's Degree includes the training that allows him to follow the steps of bis teachers; and the tasks that are carried out independently, in arder to create through investigation, concern the doctorate. In this way, investigation is the conquest of what is yet unknown. Througli it an arder is established in the expression of facts to make them intelligible, at the risk of being dominated by the unknown if we do not master it. This requires renewed courage, but one that has the true humility of the authentically critica! spirit. Thanks to this blend between undergraduate and graduate studies the U niversity acquires its sense
of unity and coherence, allowing is to fulfill its orienting and shaping role in society.

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